Auto Services in Modesto, CA

There’s a lot that goes into vehicle maintenance. Whether it’s auto electrical, transmission service or something as simple as brakes in Modesto, CA, Miller Automotive, Inc. is the place to get it done.

We provide your car with complete automotive service, to keep it safe and dependable, no matter how many miles you’re putting on it.

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Automotive Maintenance

Routine maintenance should be performed as-directed by your owner’s manual and the products you use. Schedule a maintenance appointment with us for all the following services:

  • Oil changes:

    Your vehicle needs an oil change every 5-8k miles, depending on the oil you use. Come to us for a thorough oil change, including flush, filter and fluid top-offs. We’ll leave your engine squeaky clean and properly lubricated.

  • Brakes:

    Brakes making noise when you start stopping? There’s a chance you need new brake pads in Modesto, CA. We’ll provide them, along with rotor and caliper repair and anything else you need to regain your stopping power.

  • Tune-ups:

    Spark plugs, belts, hoses and engine cleaning can go a long way toward improving your fuel economy and vehicle performance. If you haven’t had a tune-up in a while, stop by for one today.

General Repair

Even with routine maintenance, things can still go wrong with your vehicle. Miller Automotive, Inc. will be there when they do. Our shop and staff are ready to tackle the following types of auto issues:

  • Heating & air conditioning:

    We’re available for complete heating and AC service, including recharging refrigerant, blower repair, compressor and condenser repair, heater core replacement and more.
    1234YF AC Service

  • Auto electrical:

    From starters to batteries, alternators and beyond, your auto electrical is in good hands at our shop. We sell brand-name batteries and fuses, and have the ability to troubleshoot most electrical problems.

  • Exhaust services:

    Keep getting an oxygen sensor warning on your dashboard? Problems with black smoke billowing from your exhaust? We’ll set this system straight, including catalytic converter replacement.

  • Transmission services:

    If you’re leaking red fluid, come see us immediately. We can flush and re-lubricate transmission systems, as well as seal your case to prevent friction and contamination.

  • Alignment services:

    When your vehicle starts veering to the left or right, it’s important to schedule an alignment. We have the balancing equipment to realign your tires and get you back on track for better fuel economy and tread life.

  • Engine replacement:

    If your engine is shot but the body and support systems of your car are good, we can retrofit a replacement! We’ve performed all types of engine replacements, breathing new life into a reliable vehicle.

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We Care for Your Car

If the odometer is telling you it’s time for routine service or there’s something not quite right with your vehicle, schedule an appointment with Miller Automotive, Inc.

Reach us today at 209-522-5815 to speak with one of our ASE Certified techs.

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